Lucy Till French Weddings


I began Lucy Till French Weddings in 2009. My sister was marrying an Australian, living in Sydney, but getting married in France. As my mother made all the arrangements, I saw how complicated it was to arrange a wedding long distance and saw the opportunity to provide a wedding planning service for couples overseas who want to celebrate their marriage in France. Coming from a work background in the travel industry and hat-making, I have put all my past experience to work to create beautiful events for these couples. The business has grown steadily over the past 7 years and I now arranging weddings throughout Provence and along the Riviera. Each wedding is unique and my work is to source all the suppliers from musicians, to venues, to florists and caterers, draw up to 30 contracts for each event, and then attend each wedding weekend to ensure that everything goes exactly to the wishes of the bride and groom. Its fun, intense and I love it. I feel blessed to be living in the South of France, and working in wonderful venues with a large number of different french suppliers.

I enjoy the Network Provence meetings. There is a buzz and an energy at these events. The businesses are so diverse as well as the nationalities of the women – what we have in common is that we are all running small businesses in the South of France, sharing some common challenges, achievements and enjoyment. I’ve just been to three meetings so far but have found useful connections for work – a wedding cake maker, musicians, translator, social media advisors, wine merchant – as well as numerous kindred spirits.



Meet Sandra Nguyen whose business  Sandkitchen is all about having your own ‘ personal chef, ‘ to not only create a delicious menu in your home, but also dress the table, serve the food and clean up too. Using fresh and high quality ingredients, Sandra specialises in Asian and creative cuisine and if you want to try and cook it yourself she will also arrange cooking classes.
What has been your most satisfying moment in your business? The contact I have with the people I cook for, which is near on impossible in the kitchen of a restaurant.

What is your goal for this year? I would like to have a ‘professional kitchen’ so I can cook either lunch or dinner for more than 15 people at a time in my ‘personal chef at home style’.

Has Network Provence had any positive effects on your business ? Yes it has bought me many international clients, which has certainly helped me to improve my spoken English! I have made meals for quite a few of the Network Provence ladies  and last year I had the opportunity to create an apperitif at one of the meetings.