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Jolie Vintage Atelier

Jolie Vintage Atelier

What is it about living in Provence that conjures a sense of an easier and simpler life?  A life where more things were made by hand, where more food was locally grown and where more time was spent with family and friends. Provence makes one feel as if they have been transported back in time to the last “slow” decade of the 1970’s – a time before the internet and all its associated electronic devices that absorb too much of our day; a time before 24 hour news and the anxiety that it produces; and a time before money mattered more than meaning.

These days, it seems more important than ever to hold on to arts that connect us to the past, that bring beauty into our everyday lives and that help us express ourselves as creative beings.  As humans we are all creative, we just sometimes lock that part of ourselves away, fearing that we are not good enough or that it takes special talent. That is where crafting comes in. Crafting is the perfect solution for helping unlock the creativity within you. Crafting is all about fun. You are using your own good taste and your own eye for detail to create something pleasing to you. Nobody is there to judge and nobody is there to keep score. It is your “creative date,” as Julia Cameron would say, and we need at least one per week for ourselves.

Jolie Vintage Atelier’s mission is to provide a supportive environment in an inspirational space hosted by an enthusiastic and engaged teacher. During workshops we create in a fun relaxing atmosphere while at the same time learning something new, or perhaps more accurately, rediscovering something old – one of the Atelier’s key techniques, decoupage, can be traced back to 12th century China and was popularised in France and Italy during the 17th century. If you like brocante, romantic, vintage, floral, rococo, purple, old gold, or the “distressed-look” themes that this era evokes, then you will love crafting sessions at Jolie Vintage Atelier.

Jolie Vintage Atelier

Jolie Vintage Atelier is in the village of Goult, in the heart of the Luberon, in the locally well known “La Maison Rouge,” at the top of la Rue de la Republique (Goult’s main street) behind the olive tree. Your host at Jolie Vintage Atelier is Mimi Pillsbury. Mimi has been learning and teaching the crafting techniques offered by the Atelier for 9 years now. She has also been selling her creations in galleries and bazars in Serbia and Jordan where the Pillsbury family lived and worked before moving to Provence in January 2017.

Crafting workshops typically last 2 and ½ hours and are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (10:00 – 12:30). Every workshop covers a different technique (decoupage, crackling, stencilling (2D and 3D), stamping, and fabric decoupage among others) and focuses on different objects each time (glass plates, wooden boxes, particle boards, cardboard boxes and even found / up-cycled objects). At the end of each session, you take home with you a finished decorated object (serving plate, clock, jewellery / gift box).  All the materials, motives, protective tools (gloves), and unadorned objects are provided. All the mediums used during the workshops are acrylic-water based and safe / non-toxic.

Jolie Vintage Atelier workshops are affordable lovely opportunities to create lasting memories with your own hands and to do something different and fun in Provence – as a treat for yourself or with guests, friends or family – when your feet hurt from exploring but you still cannot stop yourself from being inspired by all the beauty around us.

Find us on Facebook and Instagram  . Call for more information on 064 099 9301 (best on Viber or WhatsApp) or just come and stop by on the Atelier’s open-house days noted above. Jolie Vintage Atelier can also organise workshops at your place if you are thinking about hosting a “crafting party” for kids or adults.

We are looking forward to fun creative times ahead of us!

Jolie Vintage Atelier

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Jolie Vintage Atelier

Lucy Till French Weddings


I began Lucy Till French Weddings in 2009. My sister was marrying an Australian, living in Sydney, but getting married in France. As my mother made all the arrangements, I saw how complicated it was to arrange a wedding long distance and saw the opportunity to provide a wedding planning service for couples overseas who want to celebrate their marriage in France. Coming from a work background in the travel industry and hat-making, I have put all my past experience to work to create beautiful events for these couples. The business has grown steadily over the past 7 years and I now arranging weddings throughout Provence and along the Riviera. Each wedding is unique and my work is to source all the suppliers from musicians, to venues, to florists and caterers, draw up to 30 contracts for each event, and then attend each wedding weekend to ensure that everything goes exactly to the wishes of the bride and groom. Its fun, intense and I love it. I feel blessed to be living in the South of France, and working in wonderful venues with a large number of different french suppliers.

I enjoy the Network Provence meetings. There is a buzz and an energy at these events. The businesses are so diverse as well as the nationalities of the women – what we have in common is that we are all running small businesses in the South of France, sharing some common challenges, achievements and enjoyment. I’ve just been to three meetings so far but have found useful connections for work – a wedding cake maker, musicians, translator, social media advisors, wine merchant – as well as numerous kindred spirits.

” Le 9 “





I’ve always wanted to live over the shop and thanks to my husband and hopefully the good graces of the Avignon municipality that’s what I’ll be doing this autumn.

The shop, by the way, is a theatre.

With ten years or so out of the loop as a journalist, I’ve spent most of my life in professional theatre: have run them in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Antibes but this is the big one, the birth of “Le 9” a new dedicated performance space on the ground floor of our newly renovated home in central Avignon. Drawing on many of the talents who trod the boards at the Red Pear Theatre in Antibes for nearly 20 years, Theatre Le 9 will present a variety of performances from classical recitals, through cabaret to one man and small cast plays. Anne Reid (currently TV’s Celia in Last Tango in Halifax) and Julian Glover (currently Royal Shakespeare Company and Game of Thrones) are among the stars lined up to perform during the first season. In the world of classical music, I am aided by Grand Avignon Opera directeur de la communication et du développement’s, Arnaud Lanez as conseiller artistique..Programming will include Masterclasses and reach out educational projects taking actors and musicians into the classroom, continuing a tradition I began with the major international schools of the Cote d’Azur.

So, we’re finalising the fireproofing, lighting grid plans and are currently searching for some reasonably priced seating (anyone any ideas?) We hope to open in October and will present top quality entertainment regularly until June, when we pause for the glories and madness that is the festival. Our goal is to offer a variety of professional entertainment from UK, Ireland and USA for a theatre and music loving anglophone audience that lives in the area.

Thanks to Rebecca whose support and enthusiasm is , I know, shared by many women here who are realising their dreams, I hope to see all of you at Le 9, where I realise mine.

Hilary Lemaire