IMG_1693Meet Lynne who will explain in her own words why she created Aixcentric her super-informative, popular blog all about Aix en Provence and the surrounding area.

Aixcentric is a locally-based blog, now in its sixth year of rounding up news, good places to eat, fun places to visit, travel news, book and film reviews…and often complaints about local toilets ( lack of!)….anything and everything that will interest people living in and around Aix. It was started out of exasperation with the tourist authorities who seemed reluctant to communicate, despite lots of interesting things happening in the area. Local communications are improving slowly but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the blog and find it useful.

Perfectly Provence

IMG_0176Meet Carolyne Kauser-Abbott whose company  Edible Heritage Technologies she explains  is where I focus on freelance writing (Ginger and Nutmeg and Perfectly Provence ), e-commerce (Atelier) and social media consulting.

What has been your most satisfying moment in your business?

No question, being an entrepreneur can be lonely business. Those moments when I receive positive feedback from readers, contributors and strangers, are the times that I remember why I am doing the work in the first place.

What is your goal for this year?

My goal for 2015 was to launch my e-commerce website showcasing artisan creators. Atelier launched in November 2015 with a focus on Canadian Artisans (for now). As a result, my 2016 goal is to continue searching for quality artisans and featuring their handcrafted, traditional inspired products.

In 2016, my goal for Perfectly Provence is to continue featuring fabulous content writers who love Provence as much as I do.

Continuing to build my social media consulting practice.

Has Network Provence had any positive effects on your business ?

Definitely! I was not sure what to think the first blustery day that I drove to meet Rebecca and a group of women that I had never met before. In fact I thought what am I doing? Do I have time for this? However the moment that I was greeted by Rebecca, I realized that the benefits of a group, the chance for open discussion and the opportunity to meet new people are priceless. Network Provence has allowed me to listen to others, talk through ideas and expand my network of friends.







Meet Sandra Nguyen whose business  Sandkitchen is all about having your own ‘ personal chef, ‘ to not only create a delicious menu in your home, but also dress the table, serve the food and clean up too. Using fresh and high quality ingredients, Sandra specialises in Asian and creative cuisine and if you want to try and cook it yourself she will also arrange cooking classes.
What has been your most satisfying moment in your business? The contact I have with the people I cook for, which is near on impossible in the kitchen of a restaurant.

What is your goal for this year? I would like to have a ‘professional kitchen’ so I can cook either lunch or dinner for more than 15 people at a time in my ‘personal chef at home style’.

Has Network Provence had any positive effects on your business ? Yes it has bought me many international clients, which has certainly helped me to improve my spoken English! I have made meals for quite a few of the Network Provence ladies  and last year I had the opportunity to create an apperitif at one of the meetings.