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Network Provence is a platform for women to promote their business,  blog,  club, project and to socialise.  A suggestion to create my own networking group in February 2015 has now developed into a thriving community and  has given women here in Provence an opportunity to  tell others what they are working on,  whether it be for profit or not. Networking allows one to socialise, meet potential clients and often offers possibilities to collaborate with other like-minded women on a variety of projects. We are multinational with English as our common language, however fluency is not expected. We continue to grow not only in numbers, but also in locations and if you would like to join us or become involved in creating a Networking group in your area,  please contact me.  Join us on Facebook and Pinterest.

Membership is €50 per year which entitles access to all meetings, an advert on this site and a membership forum. Visitors are welcome to attend up to three meetings at a cost of €10 each time before becoming members.





Last summer I heard about Network Provence from a tour guide in the US and decided to see how this network could work for myself. Since then I have been connecting with fabulous and inspiring women. I find it very enriching to meet other women in a personable and face-to-face context. Let us never forget that meeting with a handshake, "french kiss" and eye contact is essential in our lives and very often becomes that one element that unlocks our own creativity or drive to accomplish our dreams.

Through this network I have been able to advance my professional goals as well as my personal goals. Very grateful to have this unique opportunity to meet the world (and the world it is with all the unique stories of people migrating to Provence).

Your Private Provence

NP has been great for me personally, because of Rebecca's initiative to set up Network Provence, not only have I made new friends, and I am sure more to come in the future, but it has also given me the opportunity to let other NP members know what I am up to as well as find out what they are up to, it's networking, it's positive and we are there to help each other... something like that Rebecca, and if you have any suggestions please say so...!


"I have only joined Network Provence a few months ago and yet - thanks to Rebecca - I have already made several new and interesting connections - one of which I am now working with developing a great program!

I always go to the meetings with pleasure, I find it exciting to meet new people with creative ideas and projects. Looking forward to the 2017 opportunities !"

In Flight

4 thoughts on “What is Network Provence

    1. Hi Anna,
      Network Provence is a group for women who want to share their business/project/blog amongst others here in Provence. Presently we have meetings in Maubec, Avignon and Aix en Provence however I hope to include other venues in the future. This week we are meeting in Maubec, everyone has a chance to present themselves ( if they wish, not obligatory) and network together, refreshments included, plus a special presentation, which is this time the owner of Sandkitchen, who will be showing us how to make some of her amazing aperitif snacks.We also have a closed Facebook group called Network Provence, which if you do Fb you can join.


  1. I am a Provençal native but travelled for a bit in my youth, and I am still in touch with English speakers as I work as a guide. Network Provence is such a great group! The meetings are both business orientated and great fun at the same time, which makes them quite special and very unusual. The ladies are all extremely friendly, welcoming and full of very interesting and unexpected experiences. Rebecca the administrator of the group is very helpful and a real “chef d’orchestre”! Bravo!

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